Computer Mediated Installations Course

(September arduino workshop)


Interactive Video Installation

Picture 1.png


A model will be filmed taking his clothes off.

This video will be used as the base of the video installation. It will "react" according to how close to the sensor the spetactor (or the spectators) is. The sensor will be placed where the video will be projected.

The stand-by mode of the video is going to be a loop video of the model standing with his clothes on. When the spectator comes closer to the video the model will start taking his clothes off. If they stop coming closer, then the video will go on reverse mode so that the model will be putting his clothes on again. There is going to be a small pause between those two states so that the video seems natural. If the spectator goes even closer (a distance will be defined) then the model will be taking off all of his clothes and will stand naked. When the spactator goes away then the video will go on reverse mode and the model will put his clothes back on and come back to stand by mode.

Official Description:

Title: "Proximity" 

Interactive Video Installation

A video projected at the end of a corridor is controlled by the distance between viewer and projection.

Distance, time and space are main aspects in this installation where the viewer, disconnected from any other light and sound sources, is just given the time to think. 


Notes on realization:

1) Filming

2) Editing

3) Equipment setup

4) Installation setup & projection


  a. Mailed (Hans - Owe Rydberg)

  b. Ask at the performance october block course (from october 6 to october 10)

  c. Ask at the theater school

Possible problems:



Project Presentation (c:art:media meeting)

Presentation parts:

  1. Project Description: photos, sketch, detailed description & tools we are going to use
  2. Highlights (what is important in the project and the thing we will focus on)
  3. What are we trying to achieve (why are we doing it the way we are doing it)
  4. Why do we code
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